Cabinetry and Kitchen Renovation – Townhouse Kitchens New York

In New York City and surrounding areas, Townhouse Kitchens, Inc. provides the finest quality custom cabinetry, matched with the exceptional design skills of its experienced founder, Joy Young. Townhouse Kitchens creates residential kitchen environments that are both visually stunning and functionally superior.

Utilizing custom cabinets for your home ensures unlimited design possibilities that are tailored to your space. Finish choices may include anything from high gloss exotic veneers to custom color paints to match a favorite piece of clothing. Upon completion, all custom cabinetry will be installed by our very own skilled craftsman.

At Townhouse Kitchens, we focus on collaborating with you, your designer, and or architect to create a kitchen that elevates the esthetic of your home, and is consistent with its design. We are dedicated to creating a space that enhances your lifestyle and nurtures your culinary experience.

Custom Cabinetry Design and Installation Services for Retained Clients