Townhouse Kitchens, Inc. offers exclusive custom cabinetry produced by some of North Americas most advanced manufacturing facilities. Our products include traditional framed inset cabinetry with specialty finishes and fully mortised custom hinges. We are capable of offering any paint finish, stain or high gloss polyester finish to be used on door styles created by your architect, interior designer or Townhouse kitchens for your project. We also include in our collection stainless edge banded doors for a European look on frameless cabinetry.

Your architect or interior designer is welcome to design a door style, provide a specialty finish, or simply request a specific color match that coordinates with their vision for your home. If you are working without an architect or designer we are pleased to provide design services for your kitchen project.

If the vision for your kitchen includes stainless countertops, hoods, custom hinging or pulls for your cabinetry we will create design drawings and proceed with fabrication of these items that will create a kitchen environment that will belong to only you.

Below you may click on “Eye Candy”  for a look at some of the cabinetry doors, hardware and hinging options available for your kitchen.

Possibilities for your cabinet interiors are unlimited, the “Behind Closed Doors”  button is meant to stimulate your imagination as to items that will aid in the organization and function of your kitchen.