Budgeting your kitchen is a myriad of unanticipated details for the first time renovator, particularly if the renovation is limited to the kitchen. A kitchen renovation seems as if it should be an easy rip out and replace until you are in the midst of the construction project.

Kitchens are challenging as a result of the large number of tradespeople from so many different disciplines that are required to complete your renovation. Scheduling all these different trades at the correct progress point in your project presents further challenges.

Minimally, the trades that you will need are an excellent carpenter, a licensed plumber, a licensed electrician, a countertop fabricator and installer, a tile setter, and a good general contractor to coordinate all of the trades and the appropriate timing for each of these trades. Ensuring that you are obtaining the proper permits and following local building codes, as well as utilizing insured licensed tradespeople becomes critical for several reasons.

Many high end appliance companies require that you use one of their certified installers to install your new appliances in order for the company to honor the warranty on your appliances.

In regard to future insurance claims for mishaps in your residence your homeowners’ insurance company will closely look at the installation of any appliances that caused the claim as well as the permits and licenses that were obtained for your renovation. Finally, some municipalities will require documentation of your home improvement inspections and permits before you are allowed to close on the sale of your renovated residence.

Every kitchen project will have its own nuances based on where you live. Below is a list of items to consider when planning your renovation budget, while not exhaustive I hope that it stimulates your thinking process and assist you in making budget choices that serve your project and your future financial goals.

The costs fall into two categories, construction costs, usually managed by the general contractor, and the new kitchen products.